Thursday, January 3, 2008

Virtual Dome - Form Follows Presence

This build represents first release of S.O.N.A.R 1.2 as it stands in its current form.
Here is the location of the video.
As avatars move about the center of the landing pod, a fluid swarm will begin to form a dome above the pod perimeter. The 'seeds' emerge from the arms of the pod to rest at random proximal locations about an avatar. After this migration stage, they begin to grow into static physical elements known as 'fruit'. Due to this randomized localization, the form of the dome remains constantly in flux. It is also programmed to follow the movement of the avatar so the location of the dome is variable but predictable. The result is a responsive, variable (fluid) dome generated through the presence and movement of multiple avatars.
I'm still working additional elements into the project but in the meantime, have a go at this SLURL location (Architecture Island). The eventual goal is a fully interactive system allowing avatars to have some direct and indirect control over the function of the individual elements. This is still a prototype so if you experience any bugs please IM Far Link in Second Life.

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