Thursday, November 15, 2007

Life 1.5?

Check this out. A great article on SL/RL bidirectional causality. It describes how SL is effecting RL events and practices. Look at the bit about the plumbing wiki. Very cool.
I also talk about some of this on the Sonar website. It seems that SL is morphing into something beyond the virtual into a singular physical/virtual surface. Life 1.5? The idea of hybrid space is not new, but it hasn't had its go with Second Life yet. I think it's only a matter of short time before we begin seeing programs which allow events in Sl to directly effect events in RL. Hit a button in SL and a window opens on a building in RL.. Turn off the lights in your SL house and the RL lights go out. TransArchitecture is here and its just the beginning.

SONAR Trial Video

A first sample video of S.O.N.A.R at work..

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Project S.O.N.A.R Website Released

Greetings All,
I have released the first iteration of the Project S.O.N.A.R website for further information and group sign up. While I am still working out a few kinks, we all have to start somewhere. The website is located at the following link..

So have a read, sign up for the group, and I'll be releasing the actual Sonar form as soon as it's developed enough for proper use (should be sometime later this month). If you have any difficulty signing up for the group, just email me at my address and I'll note you down for the first participation once we settle on a date.

Also, I have been viewing and cataloging many other interactive projects in Second Life that have made their debut lately. These will appear on the blog shortly once I organized my photos and video recordings. Stay tuned and thanks for reading.