Saturday, October 20, 2007

Virtual Studio Tour - Reactive/Reflexive Elements

Virtual Studio Tour (test machinima)

Video can be seen at the following link..

This is my first machinima so I apologize for the low res quality. This video demonstrates two kinetic/reactive elements incorporated into the latest version of my online studio. These scripts were pulled from the grouping published by keystone Bouchard for his Reflexive Architecture Gallery.

I am in the process of including additional kinetic elements that will respond to both avatar behavior and presence. These kinetic elements have an aesthetic value and must work with the form as to retain their logic within the overall architectural system. This particular virtual studio examines the use of kinetic elements as an extension to the base (fixed) architectural structure. The translucent texture and character of the block suggest a primitive curtain wall or glazed entryway of some type. Its kinetic properties further push this distinction.

In this case the wall pulls apart to form 'flex columns' which frame the entryway to the studio. When the avatars stands in the middle of this liquid curtain wall, the frame splits upward echoing a classic Gothic arch. This is due to the spacing of the kinetic elements as well as the sphere of influence (located around the avatar) which activates the scripts within the translucent blocks. These same columns produce inverted Gothic arches as the avatar inhabits the platform above the entryway (utilizing the same properties of placement and sphere of influence.

I will post more machinima as the design progresses.

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